Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Divorce is not just a problem for those outside in the church. It is a serious issue affecting churches all over the world. That's why it is so important we point to where truth is found. When the covenant relationship of marriage is broken, followers of Christ will find themselves wounded, confused, and looking for help. Church leaders will need to be there for them. So, while these topics of divorce and re-marriage can be difficult to discuss, returning to Scripture and God’s love for all His people helps us find clarity and hope.

Is It Ever Okay to Get a Divorce?

“God hates divorce because He loves you.”

When God designed marriage, He created it as a lifelong, monogamous covenant between a man and a woman, joined together in like-mindedness. When divorce happens, it is always the result of sin and hardness of heart. God’s intention is that you deal with things His way, leading to reconciliation, restoration, and peace. So what does Scripture say about divorce?

Can Believers Remarry After a Divorce?

“In marriage vows, no-one ever stands up and says ‘for better or worse...unless.’”

When a believer gets married, it means making a covenant before God. When a marriage is broken, is it ever okay for the divorced believer to get re-married? At Watermark and re|engage, we believe that God’s unquestionable best is reconciliation. If you’re committed to this possibility, you don’t want to do anything that’s going to close the door on God performing a wonderful work of restoration.

What is the Meaning of Jesus’ Exception Clause in Matthew 19:9?

“The expectation of Scripture is reconciliation and a fulfillment of the covenant of marriage.”

In Matthew 19:9 Jesus speaks about divorce and the role that sexual immorality plays in it. Does this mean that Jesus is offering an acceptable reason for spouses to separate? When looking at this passage, we can see how Christ was responding to hardened hearts and that God’s expectation is for reconciliation and fulfillment of the marriage covenant.

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