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Can I take re|engage virtually?

We believe that the best experience for re|engage is in-person groups, but we understand that it may not be available in your community. Until re|engage makes it to a church near you, we encourage you to explore the virtual groups hosted by The Crossing Church in Tampa, FL on Thursday nights. Upon visiting their website, select REGISTER FOR RE|ENGAGE ZOOM, fill out the appropriate information, and you will receive a welcome email with the zoom link, usually within 48 hours. Email with any questions you might have before registering.

Do I need to register before showing up to re|engage?

For many re|engage churches, you can simply show up at the designated time without registering. We recommend that you review the church’s program details to make sure.

What does re|engage cost?

If you sign up for the program you will be asked to purchase two workbooks per couple, and most churches will charge an additional small fee to help offset the cost of running re|engage.

Can I come to re|engage without my spouse?

Absolutely. You will be encouraged by hearing stories from other couples that survived very difficult situations. However, note that small groups are reserved for couples in which both spouses are committed to the process.

What if there’s not a re|engage church near me?

Remember that even without re|engage nearby, you can still improve your marriage. Check out the Stories of Hope page to hear from other couples and the Resources page for articles to read and discuss.

Churches across America are in the process of implementing re|engage so we encourage you to check back periodically! If you would like for your church to consider implementing re|engage, have a church staff member click the “Bring re|engage to your church” link in the header of the website.

Can I purchase copies of the re|engage workbook?

We sell books to churches who have launched re|engage within their local church body. If you are an individual, you can join a re|engage group and purchase directly from that church. Check out the Locations section of our site to find a re|engage church near you.

Is re|engage the same at all churches?

All re|engage churches cover the identical curriculum in a small group format and share marriage stories of grace and healing. Because of size or location, some churches may only offer re|engage at particular times of the year, or have a few other local nuances, but the key elements of re|engage are consistent between all churches.

Where did re|engage originate?

In 2008, re|engage was written and developed by John McGee and others at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX to help couples work on their marriages together. As spouses applied biblical principles to their relationships and saw real life change, stories of their improved marriages spread. Soon other churches expressed interest in starting the ministry.

In 2012, Watermark officially began offering re|engage as a turn-key ministry to churches interested in seeing marriages reignited and resurrected in their communities.

Today, re|engage is offered in hundreds of churches globally. Every week thousands of couples come to re|engage groups to find hope for their marriage. To learn more about bringing re|engage or other ministries to your church, visit

Ready to grow your marriage?

Find re|engage near you.

Ready to grow your marriage?

Find re|engage near you.